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Many of the UK Beaders I've been talking to have had trouble when it comes to finding out if there are any bead shops worth visiting in their area, or in other areas of the UK that they are planning a trip to. So to solve all your problems I have created the all new (and easy to use) UK Bead Shops Map! Simply click to visit the map.

How to use the map.

1. Simply click on a marker to view the shops address, website, etc.

2. To move north, south, east or west either use the arrows in the top corner of the map or click on the map hold down your mouse button and move it around!

3. To zoom in and out use the plus and minus symbols in the top corner of the map. (Useful for areas with lots of bead shops)!

 If I haven't added your favourite shop yet or if you know a shop has moved (or closed down) please email me: and I'll update it asap.

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