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July - August Challenge Theme: "I do" beading

Posted on September 17, 2010 at 2:28 PM

I studied 'Fashion and Textiles' Design at Newcastle College of Art and Industrial Design (where I met my husband who was taking the graphics course) then worked as a Knitwear designer full-time, while illustrating for fashion magazines as a freelancer. I then changed career ( after almost 20 years) and took a course in garden design at Capel Manor, while working for the (very elite!!!) Chelsea Gardener in London for 6 years. I was then recruited to work for a furniture company, where I designed their 'inhouse' furniture and sourced new suppliers. After about 6 years, and a house move to Brighton from London, I opened my own shop selling contemporary furniture mixed with retro lighting and selected pieces of furniture, as well as homeware and jewellery. This led me to making my own jewellery to sell, and the rest is history......

Huge rent increases forced me to give up the sop, which coincided with our decision to live (for the time being) in France (in the Mayenne region).

I have recently become enamoured with bead embroidery and seem to be spending every available hour pursuing this technique...

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