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June - July Challenge Theme: Reinvention

Posted on August 16, 2010 at 6:17 PM

I really enjoyed making this piece for the challenge as I love to take pieces that I no longer wear and make them into something new. My original piece was rather plain and simple, with the donut attached to a strung necklace made from seed beads and crystals. I absolutely loved the pendant when I bought it, and still do, but I don't think my design did it justice at all.


Since making the old necklace my beading skills have evolved and I've learnt how to do bead embroidery, so I thought this would be a new way to display the donut. I glued it to some Lacy's Stiff Stuff then beaded around it using a type of backstitch. After attaching the Ultrasuede backing I added the edge beads in colours to match the glass and made a peyote bail at the top.


But then there was the problem of the hole and how to fill it! I tried using a large faceted bead but all the beads I had were either too small or too big to fit but then I hit on the idea of using seed beads to make a little anemone garden. I can almost imagine them disappearing back into the hole as you go to touch them! Finally a length of suede thonging to suspend the pendant finishes it off. It's a whopper of a pendant at over 2" in diameter but I've worn it quite a few times since making it.


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