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Posted on September 14, 2009 at 8:51 PM



Thank you so much for voting for me I am sooooo pleased and completely surprised. I have very rarely shown my jewellery to people and never entered anything before so I am over the moon. Thank you. I have recently been making jewellery like this to sell to make money for my graduation holiday next year. I am 22 currently in my third year at university. I always make jewellery for my friends as presents and have tried to encourage them to have a go with different results. They often ask me to make something in colours they like and I have made us all friendship bracelets. I started jewellery making about 3 years ago after I did a

beginners course in Nottingham. I have a rather large bead collection but don't make things as often as I should. I am attracted to seed bead projects but I tend to get stressed with them and don't always finish them which is really naughty. I have a pile of half finished projects and some are soooo near to completion I really should do them. I'm sure I will one day. I managed to find another bead shop near me today which is excellent but bad for the poor card as it kind of got melted oopsie!

happy beading everyone thank you

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