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Posted on April 15, 2009 at 1:59 PM


I began making jewellery about 18 months ago.When I was 14 I had my ears pierced but had problems wearing earrings.I put up with sore ears for the next 10 years or so and then juststopped wearing them altogether. Many (many, many) moons later I wentinto Bead Monster in Otley where I discovered that I could actually buycomponents to make my own clip earrings . This was great because mostclip earrings to buy on the high street tend to be big, fat, oldfashioned button looking affairs. I found I enjoyed making earrings,made too many for myself and began to make other items too. I had astall at the Xmas Fayre at my children's school which went well and Ihave continued to make jewellery since.The local college provided a cheap costume jewellery course which has introduced me to a whole range of different techniques.My big dilemma now is that I don't feel that I have a style of my own.I look at the work of lots of people on here and they have a clearlydefinable style. I tend to have a go at alsorts - jack of all tradesand master of none - I enjoy the variety but sometimes I think my workis a bit of a jumble of styles. I'm currently having a go at peyotespiral which seems loads easier (so far) than flat peyote.On the plus side I have sold some work to a local gift shop and havedone a few children's parties. After lots of hiccups with our PC I amfinally working on my Mr Site website - look out for other great thing about beading is that I can do things with mydaughter Grace Hug . Together we made our fun entry for the competitionwhich we weren't expecting to win but we had a pleasant afternoonmaking it. Grace likes to make jewellery with her friends and enjoysmatching items to her outfits. So far she has had a go at stringing andloomwork but would also like to have a go at beadweaving.What do I like best about beading? Hmmm ..... all those yummy beads and the sense of satisfaction from other peoples comments!



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