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For anyone who is interested in the origins and ideas behind this site, I hope this extra information will answer your questions. If there is anything else you would like to know or you have any input on the development of the site please get in touch.

I created the UK Beaders site and forum as many of the UK based beaders I met found it difficult to find the kind of information they were looking for all in one place. Be it suppliers, tutorials, events or anything else bead or jewellery related. The few UK related sites I had managed to find online often contained minimal useful information, dead links, and out of date events.

UK Beaders is so much more than just an online directory. It is a genuine community of people who love beads and making jewellery. It is run on a non profit basis with no agenda.
I do not run a bead shop, and nobody pays me to run this site. The sites listed are not just added at the owner’s request. They are checked out first to ensure they have content that is worthy of a mention. If the site has received bad reviews from our group members or if repeated emails to the owner aren’t answered it wont be listed. I regularly update and I check that all the links are still active and add new content regularly.

The information on this site has mainly been collected and recommended by members of our UK Beaders group which started out on msn and can now be found on our wonderful  forum. As such is not an exhaustive list, nor do I in anyway validate or promote any of the individuals or companies listed (except myself: but that's the perk of being web master)! Input from beaders and jewellery makers from all over the globe is very much appreciated in this endeavour.

If you would like to discuss any of the site's mentioned here or any other jewellery making or beading related topic, or if you have any reviews or recommendations you would like to add please join the forum.

Where possible we do give members opinions and reviews, but please remember to always make your own decisions and read companies info and policies fully if you are placing an order. To protect members privacy their user names are no longer included on this site, however if you need to know where the review came from I can give you a direct link to the original context.

If a member has had a good experience in dealing with a company their comment will be classed as a recommendation. If they have had mixed experiences or have not had a personal experience it will be classed as a review. Sites not listed with either, have been submitted with no comments as yet. I have also tried to note if a site is run by a community member. If a site is given a negative review it won't be posted here, unless another member has a positive comment to add, as I don't see any benefit to those using this site in posting such companies details.

If a seller has a website and sells via eBay I have listed their eBay URL alongside their main site rather than on the eBay Recommendations page to keep things as concise and easy to navigate as possible.

Please visit the Other Useful Links page for a wealth of different sites, either run by members or added at their recommendation. These sites cover a multitude of subjects, advice, tutorials, societies, events, tips and techniques, and any thing else that doesn't fall into jewellery supplies!

All the listings have been put in alphabetical order as it seems the easiest and fairest way to list everything.

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