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Imagine a world lacking in freely accessible UK based beading forums, beading magazines published in the UK, busy social networking sites, and local bead shops. Well this was the world that inspired the creation of UK Beaders back in 2005.

Chatting in international beading forums, an ever
growing number of UK based beaders expressed the difficulty of finding relevant beading resources at all, let alone brought together in one place. UK Beaders was established as so much more than just an online directory. We are a genuine community of people who love beads and making jewellery.

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The sites you will find here are not just added at the owner’s request. They are checked out first to ensure they have content that is worthy of a mention. If the site has received bad reviews from our group members or if repeated emails to the owner aren’t answered it wont be listed.

If you have emailed and haven't received a response within a week please do get in touch again. I have noticed that the occasional message seems to slip through the net, and occasionally I need a reminder to chase up something I was supposed to be doing!

Thank you for your patience and Happy Beading

Want to discuss any of the site's mentioned here or any other jewellery making or beading related topics? Come join us in the UK Beaders Forum

On a personal note I'd like to thank all those people out there who have helped by: recommending sites, producing their own sites, being active in the forums and enjoying the pleasures of beading and making jewellery!

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